Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup US vs. Ghana

Hi! Did you watch the soccer game last night? USA won to Ghana 2 to 1! In the first half, USA set a USA record for first goal! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had just whent to check the score and I saw it! Even my mom didn't believe me! She had to go a see for herself. It was only 1 or 2 minutes in to the game.

Then, 2 people got injured on the USA team!  What a annoyance! But then in the last bit of the game, USA scored! It was such a exiting game! We were on pins and needles during the game! But it ended up great. ByeBye!  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time for testing!

Hi! I think that we have formal tests but sometimes they can be inappropriate if it is the same test for all grades. It is ether to easy or to hard depending on the grade. If we did not have formal tests we could still evaluate with a BETTER test.Also we can have the tests in one day but kids might get stressed out. the other subjects can still be important even if we don't have a test for it.

My overall thoughts are that we could do the tests in fewer days but other than that, they are great!
Have a great day!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hawaiian Vocabulary

Hi! Sorry I haven't been posting, but we were looking at a Hawaiian blog. They are teaching us some Hawaiian. We know how to say "no problem" and "have a great day".In hawaiian they are A,ole Piliki'a and I lå maika'i!

Now the Hawaiian kids are done with school  but next year we might get more vocabulary. I really want that to happen because I like posting on other people's blog. I hope you understand why I want to keep posting on their blog next year.

My Audience

Hi again! I have had 158 page views so far. I have also  had 6 comments which most of them are in my class. I do not think my blog has been advertised yet. My friends and family have been talking about my blog a little bit. I'm not sure if Mr. Casal is tweeting about my blog or not. I feel pretty good that I am sharing my words with the world. I plan to free write next about summer vacation.  I also want to write about South Carolina.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My First Free Write

Hi again! Today I am going to tell you about  Rolling Hills Water Park.When we get out of  the car,we wait at the gate.When we finally get inside,we set up our blankets and went to the lazy river.I really like the lazy river because it is so relaxing and then you get water poured  on your head.Then, we go to the wave pool and get bounced around by the waves. It is like playing bumper cars in inner tubes.  Usually, we go to the water playground where we play and get totally soaked. I usually where my goggles there! Then we go to the water slides. there are 3 really big spiral ones. There is also 1 straight really fast one that I love! There is also a pool there where you can swim.

I hope that one day you will go to Ann Arbor Michigan an go to Rolling Hills Water Park. You Will love it there and have tons of fun. GOODBYE!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Me 2013

 Hi! In computer class we learned how to make slide shows and we each made one. Here it is.

I hope you enjoyed the slide show. I might make another, so watch for one. BYE!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Reflection of Possibilities

I think the possibilities of the internet are that you can do something incretibal even if someone tells you you cant. There are more tools than the ones we always use to make art. Well, you could have said "you made it" and you didn't.That is a possibility but you still might have done it.